In solidarity with the Palestinian people


In solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the war between Israel and Hamas!

Once again, the suffering masses of Palestine are exposed to the deadly consequences of two extremely reactionary and unpopular (Zionist Israel and HAMAS Islamic fundamentalists), which impose violence and barbarism in tandem are facing each other. The Level of brutality that both sides of the war have imposed in the last few days against unarmed Palestinian and Israeli masses have demonstrated shatters freedom-loving people’s heart, and once again, the Nature of these reactionary forces are in full display for all to see.

This unprecedented war was started by the Hamas Islamic Fundamentalists against Israel under the name “Tofan Al-Aqsa” and resulted in unparalleled casualties for Israel since its inception on May 14th, 1948, until the 1948 War. According to the latest official statistics, Israel’s casualties so far were more than 700-800 and more than 2243 wounded. During this attack, Hamas committed many crimes against the unarmed people of Israel, and such criminal and disgusting scenes of abuse of women and children (some of which were broadcast in social media) are a reminder of the brutality of ISIS and their close sympathizers, HAMAS.

In the last few days, beginning with the new round of bloody conflict between the repressive and racist government of Israel and HAMAS Islamic Fundamentalists, the oppressed people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip are the Target of bombings and barbaric attacks of the repressive Israeli army under unapologetic, comprehensive and shameless support of US imperialism and their partners in crime as well as the indiscriminate slaughter of the Palestinian masses. During this period, more than 465 Palestinians have been killed, hundreds left wounded and many homeless. Women, children, young and old, have been sacrificed by the Barbaric Israel government. During these past few days, the residences and homes of the oppressed people of Gaza have been turned into rubble, and their struggles in the open-air prison of Gaza have significantly amplified.

Attacks against Palestinians living in Gaza are taking place while the right-wing and racist prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, has officially declared war, and the Israeli Defense Minister Gallant announced that he has ordered a “complete siege” of Gaza based on which and to eliminate Palestinians, Israel authorities are to cut off electricity, prevent food and fuel imports.  Gallant, with insolence worthy of a Zionist, pronounced oppressed Palestinian masses “savages” and animals impersonating humans who must receive the punishment they so deserve.

Obviously, not the blockade of Gaza nor the declaration of war against the Palestinians by the Zionist government of Israel is anything new. The reality is that the Israeli government has pursued total domination and enclosure of Palestinian land since its inception in 1948 and has perpetually been at war and has slaughtered them. Even during the period when Gaza was in “Control” of the Palestinian forces, this region was under siege by the Israeli army. Glancing at criminal events in the last few months by the Israeli government in Gaza is an indication that the Israeli military has been engaged in widespread harassment of the people of this land such that news agencies have reported more than 200 people dead in the last few months.

The declaration of war against the Palestinians by the Racist prime minister of Israel and inhumane statements by its defense minister demonstrates that Zionist ruling Israel is preparing to expand their atrocities against the Palestinians, and history shows that women and children will be their first casualties. Such moves are taking place while, on one hand, based on news reports, the youth in Gaza are becoming fully aware of the nature of HAMAS as well as compromising Palestinian forces and on the other hand, the Israeli government is facing serious opposition within Israel. It is hard to conceal that the “war-like” condition is a gift to the Israeli government in escaping its internal crises such that anti-government demonstrations have stopped and Netanyahu’s shaky position (Being considered for prosecution) has been reinforced.

However, despite the immediate and fruitfulness of the reactionary war for HAMAS and the Israeli government, In the future, we will discover that the Israeli government, which has been serving as imperialism’s faithful lackey in the Middle East and HAMAS as the driving force behind the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ambitions, as a regime which has been loyally serving Imperial policies in the region and continues to implement, which of their plots against the people of the Middle East. 

When Netanyahu claims that by using this war, Israel will be changing the complexion of the region, what he really means is that by utilizing the appeal of the war, his government is pursuing ominous objectives. The same is true for forces supporting HAMAS, demonstrating that in pursuit of their inhumane objectives, was also the beneficiary of such a show of force and spared no expense. The Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the main supplier of HAMAS, has been supporting this reactionary force by providing generous financial and military support. The same regime has been advancing Imperialist’s policies during the last 45 years in Iran and the region and has never shied away from any crime in doing so. 

Considering the reality that the governments of Iran and Israel that are both executioners of imperialist policies in the Middle East, as well as the fact that HAMAS gangsters are the puppets of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is no doubt that the war between HAMAS and the Israel government is reactionary and entirely against the interests of the Palestinians and other people of the region. Hence, this is a reactionary war by both sides, and it is indefensible. Therefore, this war should NOT be compared to that of the Palestinian’s struggle against the occupying Israel regime. Revolutionary ideals dictate that neither reactionary side be supported. Under current conditions, revolutionary forces, while supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle against the Israel regime’s barbarism, must also take positions and advance against both HAMAS and the Israeli government. True freedom of the oppressed people of Palestine and achieving equitable rights on their own land hinges on the destruction of Imperialist domination, including all mercenaries for the implementation of imperialist policies in that region.

Considering the nature of the forces involved in a criminal war between HAMAS and the Israeli government and their puppets, there is no doubt that escalation of the crisis in the Middle East and flaming the war in pursuit of further militarization of the region is the objective of the imperialist powers especially US Imperialism in servicing the benefits of international exploiters. Therefore, we must state and spread such realities with the necessary evidence and pave the way for the Palestinians’ struggle against Imperialism and its lackey.

Down with imperialism and its lackeys 
Down with Zionism and Islamic fundamentalism!
Victory to the struggle of oppressed people of Palestine!

Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas 
Oct 9th, 2023